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Payment is still on hold after item was delivered last week.

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Why does it take so long for money to be released when tracking is given and PROVES the item I sold on eBay was delivered last week? eBay and PayPal need to get their act together. The reason we sell things is because we NEED the money and we need it faster than one week or two weeks after it has been delivered! Because the money is still on hold, I had to use money I really couldn't afford to use for shipping BUT I had to ship it super fast so that it got delivered quickly so the payment can be RELEASED QUICKER....which it hasn't! I am STILL waiting for the money! It was delivered last week and i put the tracking number on PayPal and it was on eBay as well. This is ridiculous that you have to wait this long for your money. 


Payment is still on hold after item was delivered last week.

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Ebay and Paypal are 2 separate companies and have 2 separate policies for holding funds for 'new sellers'.

If yours was an Ebay transaction then its an Ebay hold and Ebay authorise when paypal can release the funds.
Normally for Ebays hold funds are released when tracking shows the item as delivered + 1 days (if you use Ebay / paypal postage).

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