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Holds on Sales and Interest collected (Not by us)


Holds on Sales and Interest collected (Not by us)

Today I received another hold on an item that was re-listed. This is my fourth for selling Authentic Louis Vuitton. I provide COA with my sales receipts. Earlier, I made the sale of a nice LV handbag. It came with proof of Authenticity, sold "as-is" and "no returns". The buyer received in two days after payment then 24 hours later opened a case claiming it was not authentic despite receiving the COA. They just wanted a return and misused the return process. Sometimes people rent purses this way....just saying. So, instead of risking negative FB, I allowed the return and paid for their shipping. I get the bag back in the same condition then re-list. I sold it today and the buyer paid. Now there is a hold. No hold the first time. So I call PP. They inform me their system picks up on fraudulent items, increases in monthly sales and changes in seller ratings in order to be flagged where the account puts on a hold automatically. I said, well I can prove I am not a fraud. Since it wasn't flagged before, I thought it must be for the case. I have been a customer for several years, always refund timely when needed etc.

To no avail, I was told the best case scenario is to wait until the handbag is delivered and the buyer leaves FB. They informed me I would receive my funds in 21 days. I said, what if they choose not to respond. They said they would then need me to call back and ask for my money. Crazy policy right. So then I asked what happens to the interest that is earned on the 21 days. From reading, I see they place the money in an interest bearing account. Who get that? I said, you've closed our options to have money market accounts where WE WOULD HAVE received the interest...They said they are not at liberty to say. Every response was a canned one. No budging. No escalating. Just this is your answer and we are here for you. 

How fair is it that PP can arbitrarily put holds on accounts of sellers claiming, "It is for your protection"? They did not even let me have the funds from the sale to cover the shipping. I had to use my PP credit to pay for the shipping label. Should we not be entitled to interest for the holds? Are the holds even legal? I thought PayPal settled a huge class action in 2017 for this very thing yet, here we are....