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please help me recover an account


please help me recover an account

dear all members,


my boyfriend has a paypal account and today he was going to sign in. but after several time trying to log in with his password, it said that like he input the wrong password (it cannot be wrong since we always write the email and password in a book). later, he tried to recover his password via email and done. but later paypal wants to verify account via phone number. my bf has 3 phone numbers on paypal (just in case 1 of them is not active anymore). tried to verify via text message, but we didnt get any message from paypal. after that, we tried to make paypal verify via calling the phone, but paypal took so long to call us. but lately we got a call from paypal and tried to input the verification code. we tried several time to input it, but it looks like paypal didnt get any verification code from us and then the call ended. my bf did tried to answer security question, but unfortunately, he forgot what he input last time as the answer.


after checking his emails, he got an email from paypal last december. it said that the password has changed, although we never did it.

"At paypal, your security is a top priority. as part of our routine monitoring, we've identified that your username and password may have been compromised. we've taken extra precaution to confirm that your paypal account is secure and have assigned a temporary password to your account."


we never ever changed the password but why did we receive that email? we have also tried to contact paypal via twitter but no answer until now.

i will be glad if someone can help us. please, because we have some money on that account.. ._.


thank you.

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Re: please help me recover an account



It could mean that the login info was compromised that is why you couldn't log in to begin with and as a safety measure PayPal put a temporary password on the account.


Contact customer service to regain access:


Click HELP at the top menu, scroll down to click CONTACT US, and then scroll down to click CALL US and then select the PayPal Guest option since you are locked out of the account.


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Re: please help me recover an account

Hello, @sharpiemarker


thank you for your reply. since it has singapore phone number, is there any way to call them with free charge? i live in indonesia so i dont know how to contact them other than using email. i did contact them via email but the reply message from paypal is not related with my problem.. ._.