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Donation: information sent to recipient


Donation: information sent to recipient

I have been told that Charitable organizations sell mailing lists.   

If I make a donation through PayPal will my email address or home address be visible to the recipient

Perhaps the horse has already left the barn, but I already get over 50 requests a month and I do not want even more

Also, if this information IS visible to the recipient,  Paypal users should be made aware of  it.


Re: Donation: information sent to recipient

Hi @ChrisKloss,


Thank you for your question, and I understand your concerns. All payments made through PayPal share the email address of both the recipient and the sender in the transaction details so if an issue arises, both parties can communicate with each other to reach a resolution. Only purchases of goods share a physical address so items can be shipped. 


I hope this helps and thank you!



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