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Creating 'cashier' accounts for PayPal Here


Creating 'cashier' accounts for PayPal Here

Our organization runs a couple of snack stands and uses PayPal Here to accept credit card payments. Is there a way to create "cashier" accounts in the app as opposed to giving everyone the username/password to our PayPal account to use the app?  We'd like people to use their personal cell phones to connect to our CC readers via Bluetooth but use a username/password different than our PP account (but obviously still tied to our PP account). 

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Re: Creating 'cashier' accounts for PayPal Here

Not sure if you have received an answer at this time, however you are able to go into the config and set dedicated users with specific permissions just like on PayPal competitors apps. For me in the USA, I can find this under my "PayPal here" setup tile from the homepage. The section is called "User management". Additional account verification may be needed, however.