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Negative balance because of scammer's charge back

New Community Member

Negative balance because of scammer's charge back

I sold $200 worth of Bitcoin on a trading site called My PayPal balance now showed $200. I transferred that amount to my checking account. I was quite content that I made a small profit selling Bitcoin to someone. About a month later, I received an email from PayPal informing me that the buyer disputed the charge with his bank claiming that it was not him that made the purchase and as a result PayPal had to reimburse his bank $200. My balance is now showing negative $220.00 (PayPal added a $20.00 charge back fee to my balance).  I sent screenshots to PayPal's Resolution Center that PROVED that the transaction did occur. Regardless, after I spoke to a representative today, they cannot do anything about this because it is the buyer's (scammer's) bank that disputed this transaction and they had to reimburse their money.


Look's like I was scammed $220. I haven't yet deposited any money into my account to restore my balance to zero. It is still showing a negative. A collection agency is calling me to resolve this amount. 


Is there a way I can get PayPal to erase my negative balance from my account? Is there an appeals department that I can contact? Or will I have to deposit $220 into my PayPal account to restore my account balance to zero so the collection agency can stop calling me? Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.