payment stuck on invoice ?


hello guys i've been sent a payment and i got it as an invoice and i got the notification from paypal on my gmail when i click on the invoice i find the payment but it does not load in my credits wallet and it shows this "This is a PayPal Gift. The amount can take up to 14 days to reflect in your PayPal balance. This gift is non-refundable, the buyer won't be able to cancel this payment. PayPal has you covered." can someone explaine please thank you !! 

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If it was marked as an invoice then its probably a scam doing the rounds as its been sent by a buyer and altered to look as though he has paid you.
Signs its a scam are >>>
its an invoice BUT sellers send invoices not buyers
marked as paid
marked as gift
says payment won't show in your balance for eg 24 hours
can't be chargedback.

Paypal NEVER tell you to send anything until the funds are showing in your paypal account balance.
Paypal payments are more or less instant.
Paypal will never tell you that a payment can't be subject to a chargeback if thats what scammers are still putting on invoices.

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