Easily adding customer name to an invoice


This is basically a small enhancement request but I wonder if anyone in the community has found a workaround or would back this as an enhancement?


When manually creating an invoice it would like to be able to specify the name as well as the email address.   e.g  
Joe <Removed> <<Removed>>.


Why do I want this.... Several of my customers have called to check this is not a fraudulent payment request, being that the invoice is only addressed to an email and doesn't mention their name.  It's a common warning to be suspicious of emails from sources that don't seem to know your name.  I think this enhancement would improve trust in the Paypal brand. 


I produce lots of small one-off invoices and do not want the overhead of setting up contacts which will only ever be used once.  Even if I add a contact the name doesn't appear in the dashboard.  


It's also more cumbersome than it needs to be when checking if a customer has paid; not everyone's email address includes their name, so therefore, the customer name should also appear in the invoice summary dashboard.




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