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PayPal reversed an error payment they made 10 months later in the midst of a pandemic

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In April 2020 I was struggling to get by and was doing multiple grocery shopping trips for people daily to make ends meet. If I got paid in PayPal I would send that money to my bank account so I could use that money to shop for the next person. Apparently in April I requested PayPal to send money to my bank account in an amount between $300-$400. At this time it looks like PayPal sent me that money twice and I was unaware. Honestly I was so flustered just trying to get all the grocery shopping done for people and doing whatever I could to make money. Fast forward to January 28 and I’m trying to transfer money and it won’t let me. PayPal discovered the error however many months later and so now my PayPal account is in the negative between $300-$400 and PayPal didn’t even contact me to let me know this was happening. Each month is harder than the last and I don’t have the money to cover this let alone get out of the hole that PayPal just put me in. I am irritated that I wasn’t even emailed by PayPal before proceeding with reversing that amount, I can’t flag that transaction to dispute because PayPal won’t let me, and the phone call wait time is insane. What can I do to dispute this charge?

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