Stolen phone and wallet. stuck at 2 factor authentication. Barclays have frozen my assets.

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help me, my iphone is stripped from me

no one is giving me access to my sim card <Removed>

no one is getting replacement. NOT ALLOWED ACCESS TO A PHONELINE#

locked in a cell in CAERPHILLY South Wales.

HELP me. I am a person my heart hurts they make me sad. i want fresh air, a vape pen and walk in woods. I am in a cell 21 LUKE <Removed> IN TY-<removed>


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PayPal Employee
PayPal Employee

Hi @chipswithlucas

I understand your concern that you are facing issue while logging in.
As you have lost the old phone, you will need to update the number in your PayPal account so you can receive the one time code and then you will be able to login.
In order to update the number, you will have to reach our phone support. You can find the contact details by visiting our website then you can scroll down and click on contact us.
Thank you, 
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