Keep getting a message 'were sorry we can't confirm it's you'

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we are trying to login to my dad's account, everytime we try wekeep getting a message saying 'were sorry we can't confirm it's you' is there a way I can resolve this.
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Hey @Jess942


Thank you for your post! 


If your dad is having issues accessing his account, he will need to reach out to our customer service team directly for some help with this! Please keep in mind, that we can only assist the account holder when you reach out to customer service. 


To contact our customer service team, click 'Help' or 'Contact' at the bottom of any PayPal Webpage. 

You can also contact us via Facebook PM's or Twitter DM's. 
For Facebook:
For Twitter: @AskPayPal

I hope this helps, enjoy your day! 


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