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How can I make the Paypal company aware (by escalating my concern all the way up) that, when they mail me about changes in Terms of use or Privacy Policies, it would be better to:
1) : use a language I understand (French or English, instead of German, since I live in the French speaking part of Switzerland),
2) : having their links to policies changes not targeting strange domain names that look suspicious to me, like in my case :  (Or is this in fact spam? I don't think so since the email looks to come from the domain, and use my real name and they say spam does not use real names)
I really think that having this great company deciding to address these 2 problems would help it to be considered as even "more friendly" and more "user satisfaction oriented" than they already are.
I once worked for the testing department of a big company, and these kind of concerns look to me to be important to address.

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