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I'm trying for months to close my Paypal account.

I moved to another country and I was planning to open a new Paypal account with the same email which was not possible

since after 6 months I'm still waiting for Paypal to cancel my german account.

I can't close using settings and I already talked with support multiple times.

They claim that my account will be close in some days and never happens.

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You should really withdraw any funds / resolve issues / remove cards and bank accounts / cancel any subscriptions and close the old Paypal account before you move countries. If you don't then you may have problems doing so once you have moved and may need to contact customer services for help to resolve things.....but they equally may not be able to help in another country.

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I also am trying to close m PayPal account. I have trusted & used PayPal for security reasons for years. Since December, I have been living a nightmare.  It all started with a dispute that took over 47 days to resolve. After repeating and resending information over and over, I finally got my refund. By then, I was so disappointed and angry at PayPal that I told them when my last Pay in 4 was paid, I was closing my account. Everything is done. I have a 36 cent refund that I cannot get because it has to be at least $1. So the customer service representative told me that my bank had not sent them my payments. Bull. Those payments were posted on my bank on Jan. 3, 2023, which is 5 business days. They appear on my PayPal activity as being paid on Jan. 3 and 4. I did get a refund on one account because I paid the balance and at the same time PayPal autoddrafted my account. I have received my refund of the overpayment and it has been credited by my bank to my account. When I called today, the representative said I could not close my account until my bank paid them. What a shady, scamming organization.  By the way, she was the third person to whom I was transferred and she wanted to transfer me again. I will never recommend PayPal to anyone, in fact I will warn them not to and share the mistreatment I have suffered at their hands. 


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