Cannot login using non-hardware security key (Microsoft Edge)


I used Microsoft Edge to add a security key for my account but I cannot log-in with it due to PayPal login not using the same flow/API as the registering process. Please see the steps below:


For adding:

- After requesting to add a security from PayPal, this dialog shows up, I click OK on it:


- Then, this dialog shows up and asks me to insert a physical USB security key. I do not want to use it so I press Cancel. Note that this does NOT end the process (this is normal because I want to use my phone as the security key):


- Now this dialog would then shows up to let me pick a device where my phone is there. I then pick my phone:


- After confirming on my phone, the security is added successfully:



Log in:


However, when trying to log in, here's the process:

- After entering the password, this dialog shows up, similar to step 2 of the above, I would click Cancel again because I do not have a physical security key:



- However, when I press Cancel, instead of the previous dialog showing up to let me pick my phone, the process ends and fails:



Luckily I still had the authenticator app to generate 2FA code to login.


Please contact me with a fix. Thanks.


Also Windows Hello should be supported (when I only need to enter my Windows PIN instead of requiring my phone)

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For some reason a few screenshots don't show up on my side, I am uploading them again:

- To pick my phone:



- Failure on logging in:



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Hello @lukev2


Welcome! Thanks for visiting PayPal's Community Forum. Sorry to hear you've run into some issues setting up 2-step authentication through Microsoft Edge. If you're unable to use a specific third-party application to complete the setup of your 2-step verification, we'd recommend trying a different authenticator app or security key.


My apologies for any inconvenience this may cause, 


 - Jon K

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