Can't update Billing Address.


I am trying to update my Billing address to my new address, but the web page won't let me enter my 3 digit security code.

In fact it won't let me enter ANYTHING!!


aTherefore I am unable to input my new Billing Address.



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Hi @leefoo,


Thank you for coming back to the Community Forum to make your post. I'm sorry that it had to be under such frustrating circumstances.


If the page is not allowing you to enter information, there may be an issue with a bad cookie or file in the browser. Please clear your browser's cache and cookies, restart it, and try again. It may take 2 cycles for the change to take effect with some browsers.


If that doesn't do the trick, please contact Customer Service for further troubleshooting and assistance. 


I hope this can be quickly resolved for you!




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