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how long do refunds take?

I recently bought a product found to be defective from ebay. Seller agreed to a refund, and it appears on my paypal acount as "refunded", however, I don't see the refunded amount yet on my Bank of America Checking Account - which is linked to my paypal. How long does it generally take to see this amount on my checking account?


Also, if it appears on paypal as refunded, it means the seller has already paid back the money, and it is on paypal's end of the stick to manage the transaction back to my checking? or could the seller have cheated me in some way? (it's been about 3 days now) thanks for everyones help!


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Re: how long do refunds take?

:smileysad: Did PayPal refund eventually land in your checking account?  


I have same issue, except for TWO missing refunds, going back 3 weeks.  My faith and confidence in PayPal is somewhat diminished.

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