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Cancel Subscription Button


Cancel Subscription Button



Is it possible to have a "cancel subscription" button to cancel in just one click?...or any simpler way than the 7 steps here:


This would make life easier for those with much clients.


Thank you so much!

Volunteer Advisor

Re: Cancel Subscription Button

When you create a Website Payments Standard Subscription button online using the online button creator, there is an option to generate a cancel or unsubscribe button, however, the customer still has to log into their PayPal Account to complete the action.





New Community Member

Re: Cancel Subscription Button

I know I saw the "Unsubscribe" button, but now I can't find it.


Also, do we have to create an unsubscribe button for each subscribe button with a different amount  for recurring payment to an org?


Re: Cancel Subscription Button

When you go to your saved buttons, click on "action" then "view code". Near the bottom of the page, under your code, there is a "create an unsubscribe button" option.


I don't know if you need to do one for every monthly option, I don't think you do because I checked the code for a couple of different monthly subscription buttons we have on our site and the code was the same. But I can't verify that.


Hope that helps!