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Using VCC

New Community Member

Using VCC

Hello.. I'm indonesian. I need to buy merchandise so I make paypal account using vcc. I can't using cc because I'm still student After a few hours I made my paypal, my account got limit .. I't surprise me because I'm not doing any transaction. I upload my ID card and electricity bills for paypal's request. Then I'm wait for 2days. I almost hoopeless becase I have to paid my order in this week but my paypal can not be use.. What can I do??

Re: Using VCC

Hi Achi7273,

Welcome to the community forum.

The use of virtual credit cards (VCC) is not allowed on PayPal. This may be why your account was limited.  I understand that it may be difficult to get a card but it is necessary to use a debit or credit card issued by your bank.

Hopefully the documents you have supplied will be enough to resolve your Limitation but for the future you will need a card.