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phony charge using pp in my inbox and i cant get pp on phone

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so i changed my PW using pp-didnt go near this phony charge i have never heard of never made

DOES PP have ANYONE who helps differently abled persons LIKE ME-i have cognitive/neuro issues and its hard enough trying to get someone to SPEAK TO ME-i was cut off twice-seems like the universe is using the pandemic as an excuse at times....

so i TRIED and TRIED to "message" PP -how the heck do i SEND this to them. 

i have a old flip phone and can barely remember how to make a call-i am not loking for pity or special treatment but if my brains not like everyone elses-not my

HOW do i send this "Message"???? can i send it? doesnt seem like it-i am on a PC 

i forwarded the phony email to spoof@pp dot com

seems like every slimeball and crook has come out of the woodwork like ROACHES...yesterday i got a "under these DIRE TIMES" blah here-i dont think so-some phony medical company...never heard of em-and telling me if i "click here" i can begin the process of getting a REFUND....just for shts and grins-as i DO have memory lapses-i called my health ins co as they have paid for me to see providers out of program-before i deleted the "refund dire times click here and get 50000000000000000000 emails as you are now the proud owner or a virus/trojan horse"

so=please folks

is it really possible to send this message???? and how please?

i do need to have any computer related things taught to me like i am a not too bright kindergardner-i can barely cut and paste. i AM limited.

and franky-it stinks. most 5 yr olds have more computer skills than me-and unfortunately-my Easter Seals worker works m-f-and shes slammed w.clients. hp[efully the f-heads will climb back in the hole they emerged from and leave me be

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