Why do I have to pick a label that is provided, instead of making my own decision?


I hate trying to ask a question in this so called 'Community' forum, because like most everything that King PayPal does, they treat you like you are a toddler that cannot make simple decisions....

For instance, in order to make this posting, I had to first choose from one of their preselected boards / labels none of which had anything whatsoever to do with my reason for writing this. I finally settled on Reporting / Statements, even though that is a wild shot in the dark in having anything to do with my post, because it was the closest I could find. Worse, if you do not choose from the choices THEY have made for you, there will be an error when you try to post telling you to 'correct highlighter errors' and not allowing you to post.

All of this from a site / account that has become next to unusable recently with their buffoonish attempts at web security. Now they are reading my mind too?? 

Lord above, what is wrong with these techno-losers??

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