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USPS lost package claim... help me, please.

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USPS lost package claim... help me, please.

I have ever lost my valuabe package by USPS before. So, I didn't want to use USPS anymore. I asked the seller to ship this item by UPS or Fedex. But the seller refuse it!

Moreover, I asked the seller to make sure that this item would be delivered by about March 29 very safely. Because I know there would be no one in my house for last week and worried about lost accident.Although I checked that it was delivered on last Thursday by using tracking number, there was no one in my house at that time. When I came back my house on last Sunday, I could't find my package. I checked if my neighbors kept it or not. But they didn't do that.

I called to USPS branch to ask postman where he put it today. He said "he just put it in front of door". He was really irresponsible!!!I didn't receive my item.

So, I thought that I should get refund about it.If the seller received my request and shipped it by UPS or Fedex or made sure that the package would be delivered by March 29, There would be no lost accident. I lost my valuable package by USPS again!!!It is really terrible and angry.Although the seller argued that the item was delivered, I didn't receive it at all. 

I claimed about it using paypal resolution center, but it was not helpful.

I can't lose my money without receiving my package. It's unfair!!!

I know it's not the seller's fault. But, it is also not my fault!! Why should I have all of responsibility about it?

It is weird.


How can I solve this problem? the claim was already closed. I can't reclaim anymore.


help me please to get refund or reward. 

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Re: USPS lost package claim... help me, please.

Nobody will answer your question here, try going to the ebay forums or call/e-mail to Paypal. Only threads that are a year old gets replied by someone not even by paypal. 

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Re: USPS lost package claim... help me, please.

If the seller has online viewable proof of delivery, the seller will win the "item not received" PayPal claim. If the package was insured, contact the USPS about filing an insurance claim.


Also speak to the USPS about not leaving packages when no one is home to receive them... see if there is some paperwork which needs to be filled out in order to officially request this.

If the payment was credit card funded, contact your credit card company to dispute the charge.