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Unfair handling from paypal


Unfair handling from paypal

Recently I sold a rare record at Mexico.

Buyer after one month opened a paypal dispute through his bank for unauthorized transaction.

Sent all prove of shipment, and paypal closed the dispute in buyers favor!!!!


I made a claim and after dozens of messages every paypal representative gives diff reply.

e.g 1. incomplete address (approved with plenty of papers)

      2. Bank decides, not paypal! (so where is the seller protection?

      3. When claim is through the bank, paypal can do nothing? (sounds crazy to me)


As a conclusion, I am really disappointed from paypal handling, as they just stole my money + 16.5 euro cancellation charges + the fees repay!!!! and a mexico fraud is happy with a free rare record in his hands.


So, whoever pays with bank, feel free to file a bank dispute. You will get your money back. Ridiculous.....




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Re: Unfair handling from paypal



An unauthorised transaction means that an account holders Paypal account was hacked and used without their consent by your ?buyer.
If Paypal check IP addresses etc and find in favour of the account holder then of course they are reimbursed.

However you would not lose out either as long as you met ALL the requirements of seller protection, so your best bet is to go and read up on it to make sure you were covered or see why you were not.

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