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Unauthorised Transaction Fraud

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Recently, an individual by the name of “Irene Watt” purchased my MacBook Air laptop and paid via PayPal, but the payment came from another user, which at the time I assumed was a friend or relative.

After receiving payment, I posted the item via Royal Mail and supplied a tracking number.

On Saturday, I received an email from PayPal stating that this was an unauthorised transaction and they had processed a chargeback for the full amount of £520.

This would lead me to believe 1 of 2 things has happened.

1. Irene Watt logged into somebody else’s PayPal account and made the transaction without permission.

2. Irene Watt owns the account and has committed chargeback fraud.
After googling the PayPal email address, it appears they’re connected to quite a few scams, so option 1 seems unlikely.

Either way, PayPal has a responsibility to protect its sellers and provide a safe place for people like me to do business, yet they’re now holding me responsible to restore the balance, despite being the victim in this scenario.

All dispute responses are simply scripted emails and it seems that nobody at PayPal really cares that I’ve been scammed out of my laptop and £520.
If anybody has been in this situation before then your advice is appreciated.
Fingers crossed that either action fraud or the police can do something about this.

Unauthorised Transaction Fraud

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Paypal seller protection for UA -unauth transaction,in USA at least,is that seller must prove it has shipped,not necessarily delivered  to get seller protection.

if you have the shipping label and the tracking number,send it to Paypal and remind them of their seller protection of UA.

Most cases are first handled by bots,so if you lose,appeal and remind them of their own policy

but make sure UK policy on UA is the same as USA.

also take a look at  the Paypal you get cash email,it should say if item is eligible for protection and that you must ship to the address in that email

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