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Sent Wrong Item Scam

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Sent Wrong Item Scam

I ordered a camping chair on Facebook ($19.99). Two months later I received a small foam mat (sells on aliexpress for $2). I complained and PayPal says I will receive a refund once I return the foam mat to the seller in China. Since it will cost me $40 to send a tracked small package to China from Canada, they've got me. Is there no way to dispute the resolution? I always pay for stuff online with PayPal because I thought they protected you. What a joke!


Re: Sent Wrong Item Scam

This scam is repeated so many time here it's not funny. Go to message center and start a chat, ge past bot questions to talk to human, then explain what happen, stressing that what you got is a worthless item, completely different from what you'd ordered, take photos of the junk and file complaint at (ic3 dot gov), then upload prove of submission. Even if PP don't asks for them offer to upload as evidence.


If you are convinced seller is a scammer, don't send back the item under any circumstances, the return address is likely bogus anyway.


If PP won't budge, last resort is to file a claim with credit card company if you funded the transaction that way.