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Scam, Fraud, PayPal-Bot, Resolution Dispute, Unreasonable Return Terms

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Scam, Fraud, PayPal-Bot, Resolution Dispute, Unreasonable Return Terms

Made a purchase from "Dream Store"; at website ""; and PayPal charge processed in USD as *YIHODIANZI SA" for "Colorful Floor Lamp. Eventually, I received a small package of LEDs shipped from "Lee, <removed>." The product was not the product as advertised, and it certainly was not a floor lamp or corner lamp in the true sense of the definition. PayPal expeditiously charged my credit card and paid the seller.


I disputed the transaction. PayPal's system for managing disputes between seller and buyer appears to be a mechanized conduit for messaging (i.e., Bot). The messaged buyer correspondence was from "Shenzhen Yihao Electronic Commerce Co., Ltd." At no time was I able to speak with anyone from PayPal.


At the time of my purchase, I had searched for reviews about Dream Store with no results, but later searches for Shenzhen Yihao Electronic Commerce Co., Ltd. returned several negative results.


There are a total number of six entities, not including PayPal, and including the correspondent affiliated with Shenzhen Yihao Electronic Commerce Co., Ltd. who used a hotmail account and not a company email address, insinuating a free agent and not an employee of Shenzhen Yihao Electronic Commerce Co., Ltd.. This organization is shielded and veiled by a half-dozen entities. One might be led to think that this is similar to a Racketeer Organization (RICO) .


After several non-sensical exchanges with the seller (the correspondent pretended or feigned a confused understanding of simple English statements — PayPal did not clarify or intercede to facilitate the dispute process at any time during several email exchanges. I demanded a full-refund; I was offered about one-third of the full-purchase paid; I  again demanded a full-refund.


I finally received an offer for the full-refund. The seller said, "Once [a bunch of Chinese characters] confirms that they've received the item(s), we'll process the refund and close this case. (This is clearly not from where the package was shipped from in Jamaica, NY; I had no idea where this 'address' is located; I know it is not in the US; Google Maps shows this location to be in Shenzhen's Financial District).


I made my transaction in the US; paid in USD; and received a package with a label indicating it was shipped in the US. At no time has PayPal corresponded directly with me. In fact, I can't I cannot find a way to correspond with PayPal. It's ridiculous to constructively prevent my return and avoid making a refund. My attempt to correspond ridiculous terms for the return will only allow me to provide a tracking number to send the package back to <removed>Buyer's Return Address.

I'm would think that this is a violation of US FTC guidelines — or it should be.


PAYPAL — Act like you are in business for buyers and sellers and are doing a value-added service besides and exchanging collecting money.


RESOLUTION — I called my credit card issuer and demanded a refund for the full-amount, and they agreed. I may have to furnish additional documentation, which I'll be glad to oblige. I'll contact my Attorney General and FTC to file a complaint. PayPal appears to be facilitating fraud and failing to protect their buyers. PAYPAL is not providing due diligence to faithfully service their customers constituency.