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Report a scammer


Report a scammer

I sold some stuff to someone on Facebook. I invoiced her and she paid, but checked out with friends and family instead of goods and services. I let it go because I had a bunch of other people buy from me at the same time and it was a hassle. She was more than happy to reply to my email and provided me with her address so I could ship it. I shipped it. She received it. Then she filed a dispute with her bank. PayPal had to refund her money AND charge me $20. And she got to keep my stuff. She has refused to reply to my emails and has gone radio silent on Facebook both leaving the group and changing her name (I had some friends look her up and they can’t find her either). PayPal suggested I just send her another invoice, but she’s not willing to pay for it. Is there a way I can at least report her to PayPal for fraud so other people can be spared from getting scammed in the same way? I’m out $45 which isn’t enough to take her to court or anything, but I’m sure PayPal would like to know about customers who are ripping off other customers.
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Re: Report a scammer



Its against Paypal rules to accept a family / friends payment for selling goods and you risk your Paypal account being limited if you do so.

A buyer would not be able to open a Paypal dispute for non-receipt of item OR item not as described as they would have no Paypal buyer protection.

However they can still open a dispute for an unauthorised transaction OR do a chargeback (via their card issuer) and you may well lose as you would have no Paypal seller protection.

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