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Paypal claim item returned but no refund?

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Paypal claim item returned but no refund?

I created a claim because I received fake shoes from depop, I wanted to return the shoes and get a refund. The seller "agreed" and paypal gave me the return info and told me to send tracking. I did everything perfectly and they have been returned for almost a month now and nothing is happening now, I've heard nothing. I'm not sure if the seller is just refusing to tell paypal the shoes are back or if paypal is just being slow but either way I haven't got my money but the seller has the shoes. I have tried searching for a solution but I can't find anything like my situation although I feel like it would be a very common issue.


Re: Paypal claim item returned but no refund?

Have a look in this community use the topic gogo buy scam. What you will find are over 20 pages, of very similar stories. I think we are all victims of a very clever scam. It looks like this is how it works. They advertise a website full of photos of the actual genuine goods, you your and my case shoes, the real I am brand photos, we look at the great reviews written, the returns policy on the website mentions no country, however you are sent your item from your same country (drop shipping)  when you item arrive, you realize they are cheap bits of crap, mine were nothing like, in no imagination what so ever what I ordered.  You then message the seller, who offers you a 6$ refund, of course you refuse, I paid nearly 50$ for mine, they then offer 12$  that’s when you involve PayPal and open a dispute....yes we all did it.... they then offer 18$...still an insult....the bits of fake crap will never be seen on my feet... Then..and here is where we start to see what’s unfolding, they then offer the full refund, when you return your item to an address in China, now the rule says you must send by tracking. So now you have just paid another 30 to post something to China which in my case was sent from Madrid for 5euros !  This is where the magic happens, the address they gave you is unverifiable.  Your parcel will never...ever arrive with the vendor. Your refund will never arrive.  I hate to be the one to break it to you, but not only are you now out of pocket for the original shoes, also the postage. If you google the address you returned your parcel too, I am betting it will pop up hundreds, even thousands of comments, dating back over a year complaining.  PayPal’s auto system of dealing with claims and escalations doesn’t have an option, once the company offer you the full refund, to do anything else except accept or drop the claim. It is a complete scam, fraud, and very well thought out by some **bleep**