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PayPal already, new to Venmo. Unaut pymt within days; Venmo determ authorized! Sound familiar?

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PayPal already, new to Venmo. Unaut pymt within days; Venmo determ authorized! Sound familiar?

This is what I sent to Venmo as third attempt for refund of unauthorized payments...

“Upon first contact with Venmo regarding this unauthorized purchase, I was told it would be refunded. 

When it did not show a refund, I contacted this person who somehow received $55 my balance of a new Venmo account, which I downloaded because a buyer purchasing an item from me on Facebook marketplace said she’d like to pay me with Venmo. 2 or three days after receiving money for this item, a comforter set, that same $55 is gone and I received notification that I purchased $55 in “food” from a person I never dealt with. I found this person on Facebook and seems he lives and works in Dallas area[, unless he’s returned to his Facebook reported  hometown, where I live. Hmmm. ]. Why would I purchase $55 in “food” from a stranger who lives in a different city? We don’t have any disposable income, lived in hotel for three weeks, single mom on unpaid medical leave, so how it it my seeking resolution from Venmo results in your decision that it was not an authorized payment.  When it wasn’t refunded after my first contact with Jacob at Venmo who said he would refund the $55, I messaged the Samuel person through Venmo asking him to please return the money that somehow he got and he declined it with no explanation.   So I tried to get your help again. Surely if we are selling Items online to get a little cash, as we are in the negative at the bank, after living in hotel and having to find a new home, why would we have authorized such a ridiculous purchase for items we didn’t get or request— “food” from a stranger two hours away from where we live with our car in the shop for repairs. We would not buy $55 in food from a stranger with no way to get it. Because this Samuel didn’t reply with any words just declined my request for returning this money he received somehow, I was convinced he is no better than a their. It’s like someone who found lost money on the floor at the store  and then refuses  to admit he was the one who picked it up,  when asked by the person who lost it (me).  $55 May not seem like a lot of money to Venmo, but it is to this single mom. I WILL blast this man on Facebook along with Venmo, and i will  contact PayPal as well. I know Venmo is owned by PayPal. I already have a PayPal account,  and I was new to Venmo, and probably used the same password to set up Venmo. Too, I was trying to figure out how to connect Venmo to  my checking or into PayPal, as I needed the cash for food for me and my son, and wanted to have access to cash or PayPal from sale on Venmo. but my phone died and it was getting late. Next I know, the balance is gone, via an UNauthorized, or at best erroneous transfer to a stranger whose name I’d never even seen before I was notified later about a purchase i didn’t authorize.   Again, it is so unclear to me how your investigation could come up with decision that I authorized the only money we currently had,  $55 to go to a stranger and in return for nothing!  
The only thing WE have  received via Venmo so far is aggravation, frustration, and the worst money service app experience which we will not trust again.  We have Not received anything else in the way of goods or services,  bc we bought nothing, only sold one item on Facebook, days prior. The  lack of common sense and the incontinuity allowing others to take advantage. Such preposterous findings make me wonder who really can see my password between Venmo and PayPal, and if someone from Venmo, or PayPal has access they should not have.  
I already explained the details the first time in chat with Jacob, there is a transcript. The second time I reached out, I was asked to answer in writing about a dozen questions, to which I’d already provided verbally that second time, in addition to the first time, as you can see in the transcript which was emailed to me.  
I received my Venmo debit card in the mail but as my balance is gone and Venmo is essentially calling me a liar, I will not be using the card or the service. The funds should be refunded, with an apology for the delay and additional inconvenience to put it mildly.  I don’t know why it could not have been refunded with your option of “sent to the wrong person,” even though we made no purchase of any item for $55, only Sold an item so we could transfer the income from online sales to a checking account.”   
wicked mad,

any suggestions?

from Linda <Removed>


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Re: PayPal already, new to Venmo. Unaut pymt within days; Venmo determ authorized! Sound familiar?



Sorry can't wade through all that, try an edit and paragraphs?

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