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I failed dispute.


I failed dispute.

I purchased these shoes on November 30th and received them on December 14th. When I took out my shoes, it looked like fake shoes. I had the original shoes, so I compared them, and there were so many different parts.
I'm so upset. I had high expectations while waiting for these shoes, but I was so disappointed by the fake shoes.
The seller was selling fake shoes.

One more thing, mine is size 10.5, fake shoes are size 6.5 (picture)
I have pictures, but I can't upload it what the....????
Also, the company that I bought here, they want to help that


This seller has been suspended from the marketplace for behavior we do not condone. We have reached out to Paypal Merchant Services and made them aware of the situation. We urge you to open a claim to start your refund process. Please follow the steps detailed here: (was paypal dispute link)

On our end, our resolution department is working very closely with Paypal to make sure you are refunded as soon as possible.

Again we apologize for this terrible inconvenience and hope you continue your business with us.