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Help with a sticky situation with seller


Help with a sticky situation with seller

Hi, I'm based in UK and I am seeking advice as I got myself into a pretty stupid situation. So I purchased what presented itself as a rare authentic designer jacket from someone in U.S. via PayPal. Seller mentioned that due to the age of the item, a couple of pretty insignificant details were replaced. He told me what those details were, and I was fine with it. It seemed like one of those too good to be true deals, which it was (most of these sold online for 2000$ up to 10000$. I paid just under 800$). I received my item and immediately thought that it's fake. I have to also mention that while attempting to pay the seller he keeps trying to convince me to send the item as "friends and family" so he gets the money sooner. I refuse and pay for it as "item or service"


I was able to find quite a few authentic ones sold online, as well as the same jackets sold as unauthorized copies that I was able to compare mine with. Upon closer inspection it was evident that a lot of the details I was concerned with matched the fake jackets, but non matched authentic ones sold online. 


For the next few days I would have a little back and forth with the seller trying to get him to admit that he sold me a fake jacket. He  tried to convince me that he bought it some years ago from this online shop and asked me to give him some time to find proof. I allow it. Seller fails to find proof and after another few days of back and forth says that maybe they sold him a fake jacket (which I doubt).


I ask for the return hoping to solve this without having to involve paypal. He agrees to issue a refund if I send the jacket back. I copy the adress on the initially recieved package and ask him if all the details are correct. He confirms.


I send the item using royal mail "International Tracked+Signed" as I was convinced that it would be the safest way. Week later I check the USPS tracking and see that the package was "left with an individual". Seller claims that he never got it and that USPS will now have to investigate for 2 weeks after which he will be able to file a police report about a lost item. 


The whole situation seems super sketchy.


I will most likely be opening a dispute soon but wanted to ask for advice here first.


Any help is highly appreciated.


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Re: Help with a sticky situation with seller



If tracking shows delivery of the item to the address you sent it to then you should be covered.

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