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G2a scammer problem , he won't corporate and closed my dispute

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G2a scammer problem , he won't corporate and closed my dispute

i didn't receive a working code when ever i try to enter it on the mogstation (game's website)  it won't work !! it kept saying that the code is invalid
and the response i got from the seller is this :
so if u have a problem u solve it in tickets not open ticket then make a paypal dispute case ... this is so unprofessional am not gonna solve this ticket for you
=== and this
dude are u crazy u already make paypal dispute case !!! u already got your money back so what do you want now ( CPVL-086509 )

and i didn't get a refund he even closed my dispute saying that i cot a code , but i didn't receive a refund nor a working code !! 
i can prove  that the code didn't work by showing my payment history on the game website .
after i got a broken code from the seller , i had to buy another code directly from the game's website because the seller's code was invalid !!

but he keeps closing my dispute and paypal closing the dispute after his answer directly without even giving me a chance to reply , i reopened it but i don't know how it will work from here .

if anyone can help by telling me what to do ? 

i am not going to just give him my money not for a rude scammer !

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