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Dyson Scams


Dyson Scams

Do NOT Buy DYSON from anybody indicating they are giving it to you at a discount . First it’s rare unless it’s Best Buy or Amazon that you would get a DySon product on sale . The hair dryers are in the 400 and 550 range . Be wary of generic business names . Buy from a known entity . Also make sure you try calling any vendor first , send an email , confirm the address . PAYPAL needs to step up their fraud monitoring !!!!! Check the website credentials ! There are fake companies utilizing PayPal to perpetrate their fraud. VaccuumsNY was using a 50 percent off price for a Dyson hair dryer. Lesson learned - Dyson are never 50 percent off. I paid 279.99. When I went to call to see where my dryer was, it was a google voice phone number that can’t be tracked. Then I looked up address and it was a Walmart address in Valley Stream NY. Then the email address was bouncing back. The name of the company is very generic - Electronic Digital. I opened up a dispute . I get a UPS mailing label with not my address but my town or city listed. No name. I call UPS. It’s not a shipping label for my address nor my name . So now a fake shipping label . As I started to investigate through Google and PayPal , I have found similar stories with other generic based company names, same scam and all using PayPal . Still waiting for the resolution to be finalized . PayPal keeps extending the date. PayPal needs to do more to prevent fraud like this . Ask yourselves why fraudsters continue to utilize PayPal - because it’s easy !!! The fraudsters who took me for 279 have shut their fake website down .


Re: Dyson Scams

Same thing happened to me. PayPal denied my claim, despite all of the complaints that have been filed. Will never use PayPal again.