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Dispute closed, what are my options?


Dispute closed, what are my options?

Hi guys, I had a paypal dispute go against me, I sold a bag and seller wanted refund, so he escalated the claim. He uploaded the tracking number and it says delivered. However, I never got the bag back, since the status said delivered, paypal ruled in their favour. However, upon investigation with AusPost, the buyer returned an item under 500g, my bag weighs over 500g. And they sent it to a completely wrong address with the wrong receiver name, different to my Paypal address. They now have the bag and the money, I have appealed my case asking if the seller can confirm delivery but my case was rejected because they provided confirmed tracking number, at this time i didnt have the documents to prove that he sent it to the wrong address so my appeal failed. Now that i have it my case is closed and i cant contact customer service on on the phone either as it says they are busy, i cant even stay in queue. I have left a message on paypals assistant message centre, but who knows how long they will take to reply? Any advice guys? What should I do? Thanks
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Re: Dispute closed, what are my options?



Sadly thats one of the risks of online selling, got to expect the odd bum transaction unfortunately.

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