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What are Community Ranks?

PayPal Employee

What are Community Ranks?

Welcome to the Community!


You may have noticed by now, but every member of the forums has a rank under their name.  If you haven't yet, take a look over on the left at my member icon.  For example, mine says Administrator.  Yours will likely say something entirely different. 


Unless they're a member of the moderation team or a PayPal employee, each poster may be listed as a member, a contributor, or even an advisor.  Still, they're not an employee unless they have a special icon next to their name.  I've enlarged it a little to make it easier to see.


new P.jpg


For more information about employee posters, please see this article. 


Ok, so just what is a Community Rank?


Starting with “New Community Member,” each member of the Community can achieve a rank. This helps other members recognize your participation in the community.  Most ranks have three levels, which are signified by the balloons next to the icon.  The more balloons the icon has, the higher the level within that rank.


As you gain ranks and levels within each rank, you gain super powers.  Members must provide their own capes.


I want super powers!  What kind of super powers do I get?


Ok, maybe not super powers.  I may have exagerated a bit there.  You can still wear a cape if you want, though.  Smiley Happy


In addition to being recognized by other members, achieving some ranks will give you abilities and permissions you may not already have.  Who knows what you might be able to do - move worlds.  Turn back time.   Or, you might suddenly develop the ability to post pictures, or even gain access to the exclusive Private Messaging feature in recognition of your continued participation in the community. 


I still want a rank!  Can I have one, please?


We knew you would!  So, as soon as you signed up, we gave you a rank.  Smiley Wink  Each member starts out with a "New Community Member" rank.  Improving your rank and earning levels depends on what you choose to do from there.  


You can earn points towards super powers, I mean, permissions, by asking and answering questions.  In addition to asking and answering questions, we'll make sure you receive credit for giving out kudos, getting kudos, providing answers that get marked as solutions, taking time to accept messages that answer your questions as a solution, and tagging messages with relevant tags.  Yes, you can still wear a cape anytime you want.


Shhhhhhhh.  There's a secret to gaining ranks.  Come closer....


As you move up the ranks, become more knowledgeable, and gain confidence in helping others, just logging in becomes less important and the other types of participation become more important. 


We've tried to come up with a good mix to encourage and reward those who enjoy active participation (posting messages and answering questions) and those who are more content to enhance the Community in other ways (giving out kudos, tagging, marking messages as accepted solutions, etc).  The world needs all the super heroes it can get, after all.


Oh!  I have a great idea for ranks!  How do I tell you about it?


Itching to exercise those superpowers already? We will be re-evaluating the ranking system periodically and welcome any feedback you have - stop in over at My Feedback for PayPal to let us know what you have in mind.  We'd love to hear it.


Suggestions also accepted at our secret lair.  Capes are required for entry.  Smiley Wink


From the entire moderation team, we look forward to seeing each of you progress through the ranks and level up!



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