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New ebay seller


New ebay seller

Hi can anybody please boyfriend has just recently started selling on ebay.he only has his bank account linked to his paypal account as he doesn't have a debit card.can he still get his payments from customers ? His payments are still pending as he is a new seller.

Thanks in advance,Lorraine

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Re: New ebay seller

Yes he should be able to withdraw to any bank account he has linked to his paypal account once the pending payments have cleared.


HOWEVER he may find when he buys anything that because he does not have a back up card then it will go as an echeque to his seller and take a while to clear.


Also at some stage paypal may say he has to have a back up card linked as well.


If he wants to "spend" the money in his paypal balance and not withdraw it then he will need a back up card as well.


Hope that makes sense, haven't had my second coffee yet !!  

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