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Is a 24 hour pending hold 24 hours or 1 working day?

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Hi, out of the blue all my withdrawls are being held for 24 hours for not a great deal of reason, account verified, member since 2002, massive feedback etc.

I have rang a few times and they say it will be released in 24 hours but ive never got a definitive answer as when that includes.

The issue is, I need to collect stock on monday and withdrew all but £130 yesterday on £5 faster service so hopefully that will be completed today, if I withdraw the £130 tomorow will it be released in 24 hours from then ie sunday or will it not include the weekend?


In simple does the 24hr hold include weekends?


Im UK based btw,


Is a 24 hour pending hold 24 hours or 1 working day?


Hi there Badger80,


24 hour holds are lifted exactly 24 hours after the hold is placed. We review the payment and either allow it on it's way or reverse it back if there are issues. Holds being placed at the weekend are the same as ones held during the week, the day it was placed does not affect the hold time as it's not done by a person.


I hope this helps.



Is a 24 hour pending hold 24 hours or 1 working day?


The 24 hr hold to me is bogus.


I sold an eBay item yesterday and the buyer promptly  paid me this morning, tranferring money into my PayPal account. The funds were there in minutes. I needed those funds to cover some bank payments today and happily made a withdrawal from my PayPal account as I have done 100's of times. Trouble is, this time, no sign of the money and transaction flagged as "Pending" in PayPal. Here we go again.


After much ado, I find out that PayPal out the blue are "holding" the withdrawal for 24hrs.


After the painful excercise of getting someone on the phone - made much worse by their pathetic answering machine - I am told it hae been held because the IP address the transaction came from Scotland - when all the time  I was at home in Berkshire and my own IP address could only have been allocated by my local exchange in Berkshire -- I am not using a VPN (which can skew this).


Even once I call and say the payment is legitimate and I need it and I will get fined if I dont have it by three pm today, PayPal advisor just says "Nah, cant do anything, you just have to wait". Can I do anthing else, claim the fines back from PayPal? "Nah, sorry", pathetic.


Terrible customer service, really bad systems I am happy to jump on a petition to get them FSA and Ombidsmun controlable because they are using their unique (eBay) position to abuse the public and hold hundreds of thousands (or even millions) of funds locked in their own accounts under bogus circumstances.


Wrong IP address -- what a load of nonsense and what a terrible service. And hey -- even if I was in Scotland, that is what the internet (and so PayPal) is for it is supposed to enable you to work and manage your funds wherever you are. If you want to take precautions, hold the money but let it go once your customer as wasted an hour of his time to get you on the phone. Its not difficult.




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