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Adaptive payments chained payments


Adaptive payments chained payments

Does Adaptive payments Chained Payments still work on Mobile devices.

this would be being used for a new application


Re: Adaptive payments chained payments

The API's will work, but there is no mobile friendly web flow for Adaptive Payments at the moment I'm afraid. 


Re: Adaptive payments chained payments

Hi OK 


I apologise in advance for crossing the threads over.

But  we are looking for a specific solution and I have some other questions re chained and if you could help that would be great.


1st question


Does this mean then that if we used adaptive for chained payments that a user would be completely unable to Make a paypal payment on a mobile device rendering it unusable or would it mean payment could be made but it would just be a bit more difficult


I believe my developer was intending on using adaptive chained payments with the express purpose of it allowing us to use IPN for information purposes.


I believe our developer intended setting it up so when a buyer would send payment our application would be the first in the chain and we would set it so we would get no receiver fee and also the amount we would receive would be zero and the seller would be the second receiver in the chain would receive the full amount and the seller would receive the full amount minus fees etc



If we are unable to use chained then that raises further question here is the background below and some more questions



The situation is this We are developing a Website that is an auction site.


We as application owners do not sell goods ourselves through the site.


Our site will allow sellers to create individual auction listings and buyers can bid on the listing and when they win the item the buyer then pays the seller for the item through our shopping cart and the buyer pays using their own paypal to pay into the sellers paypal.

Every month our site will calculate the total amount of the sellers sales and charge them commision for those sales which we will collect once every month from their paypal into our own paypal.


These are my questions


I need to know as application owners if can we confirm using IPN for our own information purposes if a buyer has made a payment to a seller for an auction purchase and use another solution other than adaptive chained payments



can we confirm for our own information purposes if a seller makes refund to a buyer for payment they received for an auction purchase or if paypal makes a refund to a buyer on the sellers behalf for an auction purchase and could we do this using something other than adaptive  chained payments


The reason we require the information for payments and refunds is to support a customer service policy whereby if a seller has made a refund to a buyer or if paypal makes a refund to a buyer on a sellers behalf then we will give the seller a credit for fees or refund their commision if we have already charged them for the commision payment.


So we would like to be able to establish if the seller to buyer refund has been made before we issue refunds on commisions to avoid issuing refunds that are invalid


I understand that because payment from buyer to seller for auction purchases is not associated with our own paypal account then we will in effect be a third party but as the payments are made through our website shopping cart would we be able to verify the payments made from buyer to seller and refunds from seller to buyer or if paypal make the refund to buyers on the sellers behalf.


 Is there an alternative to adaptive chained paypal payment that we can use on our website that buyers can use so we can use the IPN for the information we require. Can anyone advise please


would one of the paypal mobile payment solutions allow us to use IPN for information in the way we require