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Paypal transactions

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Does anyone know how to downlaod paypal transactions gpong back several years , poss in a excel format?


Paypal transactions


Hi redout,


Thanks for posting on the Community Forum about this.


You can download your transaction history into Quicken, QuickBooks, or into a spreadsheet application. Here's how:

  1. Click 'Download History,' which appears in the 'More' drop-down list.
  2. Choose the date range of transactions you'd like to download and select the file type you want to save your History as.
  3. Click 'Download History.'

Premier and Business account holders can customise their History before downloading it from the 'History' page, here's how:

  1. Click 'Download History,' which appears in the 'More' drop-down list.
  2. Click 'Customise Download Fields (not available for PDF)'
  3. Click the information you want to download and click 'Save.'


  • When downloading a large History Log, you may experience a delay.
  • We will email you when your file is ready to be downloaded.
  • When it is ready you can view the file by clicking 'Recently Downloaded Logs' on the 'Download History' page.
  • We save the last 3 most recently completed, large History Log files
  • Small logs are downloaded immediately and are not saved.

If you run into difficulty with downloading your older transactions, you can contact Customer Support so a request can be raised to help with this.


Thanks for your understanding


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