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negative balance


negative balance

So I made a sale on November 5th 2017 to a familiar buyer whom came to my residents to pick up the items. She slid her card through my phone reader connected to PayPal Here App and all was good. Now at the end of January of 2018, 4 months later I'm in the Red for an unauthorized transaction?? So when i try to contact buyer i find out she was found dead later that same afternoon in her home on November 5th 2017 do to a drug over dose! Dose anyone know how  to get me money back from paypal or if not shouldn't they retrieve and return my merchandise from a dead woman as they retrieved a dead womans money from me??

any help please, Ciida61   

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Re: negative balance



You should never accept paypal for an item that is collected, you would have 0 seller protection in the event of any dispute.

HOWEVER as this is way unusual, why not phone customer services for advice on this one.

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