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"Legitimate" Paypal Scam

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"Legitimate" Paypal Scam

I came across the community yesterday because I had a response to an ad I posted on Craigslist.  The guy opened up with an offer to pay me with Paypal then his "mover" will come and pick up the item.


I decided to post concerning a "legitimate" ebay scam I fell for.  I joined a crowdfunding forum and actually got funded.  Three people put up $1100.  Good thing it wasn't for $11,000.  I responded and waited some time and got further instructions.  I was sent email with "instructions" on how to get my funds.  I had to set up a google developer account and send the details to the guy. More waiting.  


Long story short it takes, convienently 90 days for the guy to tell me with what looked like a series of forwarded emails that my project was "canceled" and he refuned the funds.  I responded saying there is no rules that states that, and that it was he who was taking too much time.


Pretty much sounds like most scams you hear about.  Except this is a "legitimate" person using Paypal as an escrow account.  He holds onto the funds then decides when and if he sends the funds.  I told him that I wanted 1) the transaction id's of the three funders.  2) the transaction id's to prove he refunded the money.  3) The emails of the three funders so I can contact them directly and "eliminate the middleman".


I got him.  But, my issue was that there was no transaction ID for me to open a dispute!  I got nowhere with emails and faxes to paypal.  He got away with ripping me off.  Unless he can prove he refunded the money.  On the site it states that my project was funded, which it was not.  In fact, its still up there:


There is no record of him sending $1100 to my paypal.  Only $50 some dollars which I guess was him giving back the money I wasted setting up a google developer account.


If he did not refund the money.   Its theft.  In the USA anything over $100 is a GRAND charge.  That's FELONY.  Grand theft.  I complained with IC3.  Notice that I put the amount as $1100.  That's the minimum I needed for the things I have listed on my site.  Since its over $1,000 that puts it into federal civil jurisdiction.

But the guy is in France.


I am dissapointed that paypal lets people get away with using paypals as a bonafide bank account and escrow service.  If he cannot provide proof that he refunded the money to the three funders, its theft.  He had no reason for what he did.  He should have given me all the instructions in the first email.  


That $1100 is mine.  I was ready to roll with so that I could file for a patent implementation agent in Hong kong and start developing my app.  


He's doing business in the USA and is subject to our laws.


It says: "Funded" and I wasn't funded.  So someone has to answer to this.

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Re: "Legitimate" Paypal Scam

Crowdfunding, PayPal, escrow account, legitimate eBay all shouts SCAM. 


If you wanted crowdfunding it's better to use a reputable crowdfunding site.


Recovering from a scam is virtually impossible unless you have the legal resources to go the distance.

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Re: "Legitimate" Paypal Scam

How do you know there is actually 3 guys who funded your project and sent $1100?

I clicked on your link and there are 2-3 sources where funding comes from,but that does not mean they actually paid,sometimes people can pledge so much but never send in the payment.

Paypal is just a payment processor,you agree to use the site as middleman and allow him to collect the payments.

If he indeed collect the $$,what does the contract say?

You may have to hire a lawyer to examine his books .