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Paypal Credit and Kickstarter

New Community Member

Paypal Credit and Kickstarter

Kickstarter does not accept payment from Paypal but I have been told you can get around this and Kickstarter does accept the Paypal debit card which is issued through mastercard. Does the Paypal Credit card (the 6 month no interest on $99+ charges one) also go through mastercard or some other issuer or will I be unable to make purchases from Kickstarter using it?

Volunteer Advisor

Re: Paypal Credit and Kickstarter

PayPal Credit is NOT a card.  It is primarily for purchases and then only when you meet all of the financial and credit requirements (they are not disclosed).

If PayPal Credit doesn't pop up as an option when you want to make the payment or transfer then it is not available.  PayPal Credit does not go through MasterCard.