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How to pay an invoice with the PayPal here card reader??

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How to pay an invoice with the PayPal here card reader??

I created an invoice for a customer after a sale. The customer come over to pick up her items in person, she had a lot, and I couldn’t figure out how to swipe her card for payment. The only way I could take payment was to re enter her 30+ items into paypal here app or to manually enter her card under the “pay now” button on the regular paypal app (white with 2 blue Ps). My paypal business app (blue with 2 white Ps) does not work, it will shut down as soon as I try to open it. I have an iPhone 5s. I have sent this into paypal to resolve and hit a dead end. I have deleted and reinstalled, made sure all updates have been completed, still unable to use. If you know how to fix this that would be much appreciated especially if it will help resolve my current question. Back to the original question, is there an easier/faster way to take payment once I have entered their items? 

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Re: How to pay an invoice with the PayPal here card reader??

PayPal Here and PayPal invoices are totally separate product and cannot be used together.

A buyer pays the invoice online from PayPal account or with credit card.  There is nothing more to do for this type of payment.  Just be aware, however, that that there is no seller protection for local pickups.  You really should be taking cash only.


On the other hand if you understood how the PayPal Here app works (you don't seem to understand), then you could accept credit card payment with PayPal Here (still not seller protection, however).

For PayPal Here you manually enter all of the the items on the PPH app.  When ready you swipe the buyer's credit card to complete the payment.  You then provide the buyer with a receipt.  It's that simple.  It's advisable to make sure you verify the buyer's identity and signature as PayPal does not provide protection of unauthorized use; that is your responsibility as a seller. 

In case of a buyer dispute the receipt details will be very important so don't just add a total.


PayPal Here and PayPal app are totally separate and have separate functionalities.