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releasing my funds

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releasing my funds

hi all, I started a business account that is not EBay related (home repair). It seems I have to wait 3 weeks for any payment to be available. I have no way to increase that time by "marking something shipped" .  When can I expect payments to be available right away, as they are in my personal account? 


Thanks in advance!

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Re: releasing my funds

PayPal does this because your account is new so they will review account every month and see if your performance meets certain criteria for release from their hold program at their discretion.  You just have to keep maintaining good selling habits and what you have been doing, (ie. Marking orders as shipped, avoid disputes, chargebacks, communication with buyers, etc.) and they shall inform you that you can receive your payments immediately. No way around it really to speed things up.

Kudos are greatly appreciated. Smiley Happy