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Recurring Donation Button


Recurring Donation Button

Is there a way in have a donation buttion with the recurring option? I use a Wix page and it doesn't allow to input code. I need a button that's already made or has a link. In the past this was available, but when the look of paypal changed recently, away went the donation button with recurring option. I'd like any help possible as we were starting to gain momentum in getting people to donate monthly but now we're back at square one trying to ask monthly instead of making it a non-issue. Our website is

FTS Frequent Contributor
Frequent Contributor

Re: Recurring Donation Button

The only way to do it is to alter the button code -


If WIX doesn't allow code, you will need to find another option.


Re: Single button for one-time payments AND subscription payments?

Hey! I hope you found a solution to your problem.

If not, we developed a software that can be embeded anywhere on your website.

It enables recurring donations and one-time donations from PayPal or credit card:


You also have the ability to create pre-suggested amounts so you limit the guessing work when a donor wants to donate.

Last but not least (working on other cool features and ways to accept payments), you can very quickly upload your copy in our automatic thank you / receipting system.