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Protection for Craigslist Purchase

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Protection for Craigslist Purchase

I want to purchase something off of craigslist in another city. Is my purchase safe from the seller?

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Re: Protection for Craigslist Purchase

Make sure you send payment as Goods & Services.  A payment on PayPal Money Request or a PayPal Invoice from the seller are categorized by PayPal as Goods & Services payments.  You can also send money with Send & Request in the Summary page menu and select Goods & Services payment.


Only G&S payments provide purchase protection.  The goods have to be shipped with tracking number.  Purchase protection provide some protection and do not provide coverage for every contingency.  So read up on it here:


Any goods for pick up you will have to arrange with the seller, cash and carry.  No purchase protection there of course although you and the seller can negotiate a warranty on paper and signed at pick up.  If you are buying a vehicle, bring a mechanic with you or visit one nearby and for perhaps a fee of 1-2 hundred get an evaluation.  Perhaps you and the seller can split that cost.

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Re: Protection for Craigslist Purchase

Short answer "no".  Why?  Because I think you are going to use bad buyer judgement.

On the other hand, the PayPal transaction will offer the same buyer protection as any other PayPal purchase.  Just make sure you understand the details of buyer proteciton.  Click on the "legal agreements" link at the bottom of the page for all information.


PayPal will not protect you against bad buyer judgement.