PayPal Debit Card unreliable method of payment!

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As a Power seller on Ebay, I have been keeping PayPal Balance strictly for purchasing Mechendise. Lately, the fraud dept has on multiple occassions declined my transaction even though my paypal balance is much higher that the amount I'm trying to use for my purchase. It takes me calling and going through the beautiful Computer system asking me questions on what I want and putting through an endless maze of responses before finally connecting me with an agent who connects me with the security dept who say it was for my own protection!!!!

Three times this has happenned which is going to prompt me to stop leaving funds in my paypal because the debit card is unreliable. I will once another payment methode become accepteble on ebay, Close this paypal and join another merchant. when you have funds in your account, you should be able to access it at will otherwise what is the Point!

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what are you trying to buy? and from whom?

I used my debit card to pay Ebay fees,utility bills and supermarkets,never a problem.

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