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Return Transaction Number with public IP


Return Transaction Number with public IP

Hi PayPal Community,


I put my testing site on public IP for testing with buy/sale by PayPal.


After I click "pay now" button, my payment process is success. But auto return will link to : public_ip/testing/success.php only; not like this example : public_ip/testing/success.php?tx=270233304D340491B&st=Completed&amt=22.00&cc=USD&cm=&item_number=1


What's the problem with it? I want to return to success.php with all item above after payment sucess.


Kind Regards,


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Re: Return Transaction Number with public IP

Hi Vanndy,


Welcome! Smiley Happy


It sounds like you are referring to Payment Data Transfer (PDT).  You'll want to make sure this is turned on in your profile settings.


This setting can be found by clicking the Profile  link located in the white bar under the blue tabs.  You can click on Profile itself or More Options in the drop down menu.


Next click on My Selling Tools, then look for the Website Preferences setting.  Click Update to the right.


On the next page, make sure that both Auto Return and Payment Data Transfer are turned on.


Then when the customer is redirected to your return URL, PayPal will send the transaction ID as an HTTP GET which will append the transaction ID to the URL.  Your web page will need to send the transaction ID and your PDT token back as an HTTP POST.  The PayPal servers will then respond with the payment information.


More info on PDT here:  Payment Data Transfer


I hope this helps! Smiley Happy


- Frank


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