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I have a vietnamese client 1. I send him an invoice of 250EUR 2. he pays 250EUR 3. when I want to transfer this money to my bank account, Paypal take a 12.5EUR (5%) commission. Sometimes they take 12.6EUR - For 600EUR they take 32,65EUR (5,44%) 4. is it normal because I see everywhere that paypal commission is 3-3,5% ? 5. Could you confirm me the formula ? how is the commission defined ? Is it possible that the client assume this paypal fee ?
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Hello rerp
there are the commission fees, but also the currency conversion fees, and possible CB fees for example possible.
it would be better to see directly with paypal the costs related to your case.

paypal customer service, since help and contact
paypal is also on facebook / twitter.

have a good day .
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