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Duplicate payment - AliPay Australia

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It’s my first time using PayPal and the amount has just come out of my account twice but when I log into PayPal it’s only listed once? Do they do pending payments sometimes? Should I expect it to come back into my account? Does anyone have an email I can contact PayPal on please

Duplicate payment - AliPay Australia


Hello, @CharlotteAS. Seeing a duplicate charge on a financial statement is definitely a concern! I hope the following information is helpful.


Some online purchases are completed via an order/authorization process. An authorization is a way for a merchant and financial institution (bank or card issuer) to insure a buyer has sufficient funds to complete a purchase. An authorization results in a financial institution placing a hold on the amount that is anticipated will be needed to complete the purchase.


Since you mentioned there's only one transaction in your PayPal account, it's likely the original order/authorization led to a temporary hold on the funds by your financial institution. However, instead of claiming the funds on hold, the merchant may have submitted a separate charge to get the money for the payment.


In most cases, an authorization that is not completed will expire and money will be released by a financial institution in a few days. However, it could take up to 30 days for that to happen. Please consult with your financial institution for more information on how they handle this kind of situation.


To reach PayPal's Customer Service via a secure channel, please log on to your PayPal account, click Contact at the bottom of any page, and then select the topic that best fits your concern. Please review in full the pages that come up after you select a topic. There may be several links/prompts you might follow which can lead to options for a secure channel of communication.


I hope this is helpful. Thanks for your patience during this time.






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