American Express credit card doesn't work when using it for transfering money


I have an american express credit card and I want to use it to transfer money to someone but somehow paypal always gives an error or nothing at all. It used to be "card declined" and I have contacted my bank about this but they said the card was ok. What I did to confirm this was to use it on other in person transactions, like paying for food, and it does work and the bank just said there is a problem with the "merchant" which is the reason why it does not work. May I ask what the problem could be? Since I've already done transferring money using Visa and Mastercard and so far it works well it's just my american express card.

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I am sorry to see you are having issues sending a payment, I appreciate how concerning this must be. First of all, I would ask that you ensure your email address is confirmed. 


I understand you have checked to ensure you have no cases or limitations. If there are limitations stopping you from sending money, you would find these on your Resolution Center after selecting 'Go To Account Limitations'.


Finally, I would ask that you check the following link: How do I confirm my identity? (CIP) ( to ensure we aren't requesting that you confirm your identity first.


I hope this helps. Have a lovely day!



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Hi there, yeah I have this issue now too.  I spoke to amex and paypal seemed to have changed their categorisation of the transactions for amex to general purchases which falls under "cash transactions" for amex which Amex dont allow.  @PayPal_RebeccaN  is there anyway to change this categorisation? 


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